March 12, 2017

Mission Statement

“To establish ecologically sustainable centers
for contemplative retreats, the religious arts,
and consciousness research.”

 The primary mission of the Viola Institute is twofold:

—   To establish, restore, conserve, and maintain ecologically healthy rural environments to be used for contemplative retreats, religious arts, and consciousness research.

— To promote and foster contemplation and the contemplative arts and to provide facilities and means for research, publications, and educational programs in an integral* approach to Consciousness Studies

To provide financial resources for these undertakings, the Institute will endeavor, where feasible:

1.)       To publish educational material in book and eBook formats

2.)       To offer workshops and small classes

3.)       To organize fund raising activities such as art exhibitions

4.)       To seek financial support through grant writing programs

Initially the two primary locations of Viola Institute activities shall be as follows:

The Viola Institute, Inc.
35366 Wild Turkey Lane
Viola, CA 96088
Shantivanam Assisi
Voc. Porziano 27
06081 Assisi,  Italy

Shelli R. Joye, Trustee
Susanne C. Rohner, Trustee